Current Projects and Clients

Better World Group

The Better World Group is a recognized leader in political and environmental strategy, regulatory policy development and advocacy, communications planning and execution, and coalition building and management.

California Clean Cars Campaign

The California Clean Cars Campaign is comprised of public health leaders, consumer groups, businesses, local governments, elected officials, organized labor, faith groups, environmental organizations, and other diverse constituencies that support the strongest possible standards for California’s groundbreaking Clean Cars Program.

Electric Power Research Institute

EPRI is an independent, non-profit company performing research, development and demonstration in the electricity sector for the benefit of the public.

Institute of Transporation Studies, UC Davis

The mission of ITS-Davis is to serve the needs of society by organizing and conducting multidisciplinary research on emerging and important transportation issues, disseminating this research through conferences and scholarly publications, and enhancing the quality and breadth of transportation education.


Other Projects and Clients

California Electric Transportation Coalition

CalETC is a non-profit association promoting economic growth, clean air, fuel diversity and energy independence, and combating climate change through the use of electric transportation. CalETC is committed to the successful introduction and large-scale deployment of all forms of electric transportation including plug-in electric vehicles, transit buses, port electrification, off-road electric vehicles and equipment and rail.

California Fuel Cell Partnership

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is committed to promoting fuel cell vehicle commercialization as a means of moving towards a sustainable energy future increasing energy efficiency and reducing or eliminating air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative

The California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative was a public-private partnership founded in 2010 to convene, collaborate and communicate on emerging electric car market trends, address challenges and enable strong market growth. The Collaborative transitioned in 2017 to a non-profit organization, Veloz, whose mission is to inspire, educate and empower Californians to drive electric.

Convention & Tradeshow News

Fleets & Fuels ShowTimes is a daily news magazine published at clean transportation exhibitions worldwide.

Energy Foundation

The Energy Foundation’s mission is to promote the transition to a sustainable energy future by advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Environment Now Foundation

Environment Now is a private nonprofit foundation created in Southern California by Frank and Luanne Wells in 1989.

Innovative Mobility Research

Innovative Mobility Research is a group of researchers whose projects explore innovative mobility technologies and services that could improve transportation options, while reducing their negative societal and environmental impacts. IMR is based at the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at UC Berkeley.

Rocky Mountain Institute Hypercar Project

A project to develop, design and create an efficient, viable, breakthrough lightweight automobile allowing significant fuel savings.

University of California Energy Institute

UCEI’s mission has been to foster research and educate students and policy makers on energy issues that are crucial to the future of California, the nation, and the world.